Ethical Reader

I am someone who has to see it in order to believe it. I began studying Tarot in my late teens because its card imagery was in comics, commercials, music videos, etc. There were psychics selling books, appearing on talk shows, and consulted on news programs for what to look for in the coming year.

In creating two decks, visiting psychic fairs, reading several books, learning the practice, gaining experience and human encounters; it was easy for me to come to the conclusion that the human brain is incapable of predicting the future. Anytime I did a reading for someone and they required the advice of an expert, I would direct them to doctors, psychiatrists, and dieticians. I never diagnosed anyone, they came to me with problems they already knew about. I have even had clients refuse to pay me because I refused to predict the future for them which I felt would have been unethical.

Another obvious thing I learned while offering Tarot readings was people don’t want to know the future, believed I could predict it with a pack of cards, and didn’t want to have their minds or beliefs in psychic abilities questioned or changed on a single visit by a stranger.

If you want to use this site as a Tarot resource, understand I look at the Tarot as an artistic medium and a counseling aid. I do not regard it as a tool to predict the future. The Tarot deck is an instrument that can be used in cold reading marks by confidence men at its cruelest. I like to elevate it to a tool in meditation for self-healing.

If you want to know the future, your guess is as good as mine.

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