A Useful Resource

I’ve illustrated two Tarot decks. They are both incredibly different from each other.

The first was the Fabrication Tarot. It took three months of intense focus as a fulltime and overtime job. It was completely designed, inked, and coloured on thick cardstock before each card was cut free from each of the pages. The digital copies are simple scans.

45718996-D1A1-11E1-B80A-5F0114BAC486The second deck is the Twilight Rabbit Tarot. It took five years to complete and was a parttime job. Each image began as an ink illustration that was scanned digitally and enhanced with photo editing software. It was coloured and lettered using a computer. The digital copies were compiled in this way.

This blog will talk about several things. Creating a Tarot deck will be discussed. The differences between types of decks (Rider vs Thoth vs Oracle) and various card spreads will be future topics.

I don’t read the cards these days. Instead, I’ve fallen into the role of consultant for projects involving cartomancy.

If you want to learn about Tarot, I hope you will find my blog a useful resource.


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