Twilight Rabbit online

The Twilight Rabbit Tarot is finally getting a published guidebook that will be included with future editions of the deck. The online guide on this site (the deck) is also going to get a robust makeover over the next months.
Should you wish to know more about the Twilight Rabbit Tarot, here are other online resources.

Facebook Page:
General public updates on what’s going on with the deck, not meant to be a Tarot resource material.

Facebook Group: Tarot Talk
Was meant to be for local perspective students of Tarot, but Covid happened and now it’s taken on a new life. A private group on Facebook that gets specific information on the progress of the Tarot Guidebooks as it becomes available. Previews and first to know information is available here for the interested.

Discord Chat:
Was meant to be a place to follow-up after Tarot Talk live sessions. Tarot Talk never had the chance to thrive because Covid quickly became a thing. Instead, topics will be posted regarding Tarot and readings, and members who join the chatroom can have a say or ask questions. It’s a young chatroom, posts about its progress will appear on site and on the Facebook Page after each development.

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